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About Us

We love our Australian Labradoodles, primarily because of how much they add to our lives and family home.  When our second son was born with many life challenges: physically, emotionally, sensorily, and a love of all animals, we knew we needed a dog that would take special care of us, of him.  Thus began our search for a pup that would be highly trainable to support us through this journey with an added element of devotion for our children. Once we found our first Australian Labradoodle, we knew we’d spend our life with this breed.


It was after we lost our first doodle, Louie, that we knew we wanted to share this loyal pedigree with other families, so they could experience this kind of love with their canine partners. Louie was not only loved by us, but everyone who met him. He was the kind of dog that makes everyone want to be a dog owner, and made our children feel like they had a constant companion by their side.

Australian Labradoodle dog outoors in Colorado
Young boy hiking with an Australian Labradoodle dog outoors in Colorado
"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures,   they give unconditional love. For me, they are   the role model for being alive."  ~ Gilda Radner 
Hiking with a Australian Labradoodle dog in Colorado
Young Boy with an Australian Labradoodle dog outoors in Colorado
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