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Do you want to become a guardian?
~Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch~

Guardianship, for our Colorado (and mostly Boulder County) friends, might be an option if you would like to own an Australian Labradoodle without the initial cost. Our guardian families get a pick of the litter puppy and provide loving homes for our mamas and papas so they are well socialized, and cared for as they provide the puppies for our adopting families. After they fulfill their breeding contract (3-4 litters), we pay for the cost of spaying or neutering and their doodle lives out their life with the guardian family.  

Guardian families must:

    Have a fenced, safe and secure yard

    Have a flexible schedule, so your dog is not alone for extended periods of time each day

    Commit to raising a well-trained dog, attend training classes, and participate in online puppy training w/ BAXTER & Bella

    Feed your dog the MSL-recommended food and vitamins

    Provide regular veterinary visits, vaccinations

    Follow the grooming guidelines set forth by MSL

    Incur the everyday veterinary costs of owning a dog (we cover costs associated with breeding)

    Keep lines of communication open with Mountain Sun Labradoodles

    Be willing to care for and understand the needs of a breeding dog

Guardian Application 
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