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Pet Toys

Puppy Supplies! 

What do I need before I bring my puppy home? We have linked some of our favorites

Must haves~ for living and training:

Collar (8 lb. dog) SMALL Size

Harness SMALL Size

Dog Shampoo: We like either NuVet shampoo or AromaPaws.

Soft Dog Brush

Leash (both a long and short one for training)

Crate or Kennel

     *30” length crate (mini to medium-sized dogs) or

     *36” length crate (large medium to standard-sized dog)

Ex-Pen: Courtyard Exercise Pen or Ex-pen Playpen

       This is where your puppy should spend the rest of his time when he is not in his crate. Puppies need eyes on them ALL the time

       and if they are not tethered to you ( buddy leash system) or one-on-one with you in some other capacity (training/walking)

       they need to be in a safe place.

Dog Bed and mat for inside crate

Stuffed Chew Toys - (avoid rawhide!)

Bully sticks!

Toppl Toys - we fill these with soft dog food and freeze it for an hour of fun!

Kong Toys - fill with treats to give puppies challenging tasks while you’re away!

Rope Toys

Poop bags

Stain & Odor Cleaner

Treats for training: Our favorites are Full Moon Chicken Tenders & Zukes Puppy

You'll be glad you have:

Storage Bin for food

Dog Toothbrush and paste - get started now for a lifelong habit!

Fun extras~ if you want:

Slow Feeders for speed eaters

Slopper Stopper Dripless water bowl for drippy drinkers

Wondercide - safe flea and tick prevention

Cowboy Magic - Detangler and Shine

Dog Boots - for winter and summer hikers

Dog Goggles - for serious hikers!

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