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How do I get started and what happens next? 


The first thing you do is fill out a Puppy Application

We will contact you to let you know what we have coming up in terms of availability. 

Then, if you decide you want a Mountain Sun Labradoodle, you place a deposit - this secures your place on the reservation list. 

When your name comes up we will send you an email, including information about the puppy's parents, available colors, and genders. You decide if the litter works for you and either stay with that litter or wait for the next. 

If you stay with the litter, you will get weekly, emails, pictures, and preparation tips.  

Week 6, everyone comes to pick out their puppy, in order deposits were placed.  

Week 8, you come to pick up your puppy to take them home! 

We highly suggest a membership to Baxter & Bella to prepare and train your puppy, use our code to get a discount


















Please see our list of Supplies, in our Resources section! 

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