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We are a small family-owned business, breeding mini to medium sized multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Australian Labradoodles have been our family’s favorite breed since we found our first pup over a decade ago. Australian Labradoodles are bred for their excellent temperament, and their soft, non-shedding, allergy friendly coats~ as well as their unwavering devotion to their family. We love them for so many reasons, please feel free to peruse our website or schedule a visit to find the perfect canine partner for your family.  

About us

We love our Australian Labradoodles, primarily because of how much they add to our lives and family home.  When our second son was born with many life challenges: physically, emotionally, sensorily, and a love of all animals, we knew we needed a dog that would take special care of us, of him.  Thus began our search for a pup that would be highly trainable to support us through this journey with an added element of devotion for our children. Once we found our first Australian Labradoodle, we knew we’d spend our life with this breed.


Please visit our puppy page to read about upcoming litters and see pictures of our current litters. 


Are you ready for a new furry family member?  Visit our adoption page to learn about the process and plan for bringing your puppy home.

Mamas & Papas

You can read about our parent pooches and the awesome guardian families who raise them to be loyal, loving dogs. 

Louie Lou

"It's amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become because of them"  ~ John Grogan 

We are excited to announce a partnership with BAXTER & Bella, providing all of the training resources puppy parents need in order to experience better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!  Please click on the link below to learn more about their program.  



Baxter and Bella 1.png

We are proud members of the WALA community, uniting breeders and owners in the commitment of sustaining health, temperament and best practices for this beloved breed.


We donate a percentage of our profits to the following organizations. You chose which one your percentage goes to when you pick up your puppy. 🐾 

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Mountain Sun Labradoodles WALA.png
Paw Logo white.png

We are also proud to partner with Soul Dogs Inc., providing supportive employment services for all species~ 

Dharma Rescue

Dogs with disabilities, rescued, rehabilitated and trained to be therapy dogs for children and adults with disabilities.

Summit Dog Rescue

A Boulder County dog rescue dedicated to training and placing dogs with their perfect family.

Colorado Pet Pantry

A not for profit pet food bank dedicated to ensuring families have the resources to keep their pets fed, hence keeping them out of shelters.

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